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Company Overview:

Tripps Travel was founded and incorporated in 1989. What started out as a local venture has grown into a company that is well known and respected in the incentive travel industry. While the northeastern section of the United States provides us with a large portion of our customer base, we literally operate coast to coast. While the size and structure of the company have changed, the mission has not.
Tripps Travel provides a complete marketing and travel service to ensure successful results for our customers!!
Tripps Travel is an Incentive Travel Company that works with groups only, no individual travel, unless required by our group customers. Our customers are Plumbing & Heating Supply Distributors, Wholesale Food Distributors, Automotive Supply Companies, etc. Because of the nature of our business, Tripps Travel employs many part-time travel coordinators, who complement our fulltime employees. In addition to our own employees, we partner with our vendors to offer our customers the most enjoyable travel experience possible.
Tripps Travel has enjoyed solid sustainable growth in the Incentive Travel Business over the past few years. Our future plans include expansion into new markets and increasing our product offerings. To achieve our goals, we will maintain & continue to improve our levels of customer service, travel programs and customer relations.

Tripps Travel
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